ULTRALINE Flat Rope Reel

Easy Storage of Flat Rope!

ULTRALINE Flat Rope Reel is designed and made in Türkiye as a solution for bulky stern anchor lines, towlines, or mooring lines as it stores a significant length of line in a compact space.

The reel housing is constructed from highly polished 316L stainless steel and is available in various lengths of UV resistant line, ranging from 80 – 330 feet (40m – 100m).

ULTRALINE uses a floating narrow *Dyneema® flat line making it a perfect line solution, and it works silently while most other flat lines make too much noise.

Line deployment and retrieval is as simple as letting the line payout as needed, then winding it up when done. The flat rope must be cleated off when anchored or mooring as it is not a load-bearing device. The line is self-storing and non-fouling, meaning no more uninvited sea creatures on board. The rope comes with a pre-fabricated stitched eye at one end while the other fastens to the spool. Also included is a multi-functional winch handle and comprehensive mounting kit.

The ULTRALINE Flat Rope Reel is suitable for standard rail or bulkhead mount installation and comes with a three-year warranty. The appearance is sleek, compact, and an ideal solution for a stern anchor or mooring line. The flat rope’s bitter end is attached to the housing with velcro that will release without damaging the rail or bulkhead when it is forced. *Dyneema® is a trademark of “DSM”

According to users of the ULTRALine Flat Rope Reel Lots of Line!


Flat ropes are UV resistant; will run through 1" shaves and when folded can fit into the jaws of a self-tailing winch. Flat rope is easily belayed to standard deck cleat.


Teflon rollers and stainless steel guides squeeze excess water from flat rope while leading it into the reel.


316L multifunction handle fits a standard winch handle socket and includes three keys for opening deck fittings as well as a shcakle buster.


Housing bolts are ralso incorporated into the mounting system for rail and deck mounted installations.


Provides guide for length of line deployed and assists that the flat rope to dry quickly.


Scale indicates approximate amount of line in use.


The 316L Stainless steel casing does not rotate; line rotates inside on hub and does not inferfere with nearby equipment.