ULTRA Anchor Ring

ULTRA Anchor Ring for use as an Anchoring Tool (permit shorter scope) Design to replace chain or rope weight (Kellet)

– In case of anchoring with limited scope (busy anchorage or limited anchorage area), ULTRA Anchor Ring increases safety by adding weight to the anchoring system.

By adding extra weight on the chain ULTRA Anchor Ring reduces the vessel swing area.

– ULTRA Anchor Ring works as a shock absorber improving the comfort at anchor by reducing boat movement.

– HOWEVER if the wind speed increased much, the chain is totally streched and the ring weight is not enough, you ought to use long scope; you should multiply the depth by the beaufort wind scale.

ULTRA Anchor Ring for use as an Anchor Retrieval Tool :

Should you be unlucky enough to get your anchor caught on the sea floor.

ULTRA Anchor Ring will be an important recovery tool. This is especially relevant in conditions where entering water is not possible or preferable (such as cold water, rough sea conditions, or the presence of man eating reptiles) .

In the event you are anchoring in an area known for fouling, always attach a trip line and buoy before deploying the anchor.

In circumstances where you are unlucky and get caught on the bottom, using the ULTRA Anchor Ring will assist in your recovery prospects.

Note : If the chain itself is fouled, deploying the ULTRA Anchor Ring and applying the same procedure is possible.