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ULTRA Marine West providing anchoring hardware for the discerning yachtsman.

Two Men, One Passion !

Anchoring is so important; it can make or break your time spent on the water. Quite apart from knowing how to anchor, secure holding in an anchorage often depends on the type of equipment selected. For decades now, boat owners have relied on the tried and trusted plough, Bruce and Admiralty anchors to guarantee a good night’s sleep when at anchor. These established anchors are usually fairly drab and are probably the least attractive, yet most important piece of equipment on any boat. Then about in 2005 a new, shining anchor came to the marine market. The ULTRA Anchor quickly established a reputation for excellent holding power and its adorable stainless steel looking.The history of the development of this most technically advanced anchor the world has ever seen is as interesting and surprising as is the level of acceptance these brilliantly engineered anchors have achieved. While most well-known anchors have evolved from the world’s established maritime nations, the ULTRA Anchor was first designed and manufactured by a little known Turkish engineering firm, based in Istanbul. Perhaps most importantly, it was two men’s passion for engineering and boating that led to the development of an anchor that boasts the ultimate in holding power. Formed in 2000, Boyut Marine was established as the Marine Department of Boyut Mechanical Industry, which had been designing manufacturing stainless steel machine parts since 1978 (The department changed its name to ULTRA Marine in 2012 after their ULTRA branded products become more known than Boyut Marine). Devoted boaters at heart, Yılmaz Yücel and Nejat Övütmen started the Marine division of the company with the specific intention of developing superior equipment.

As the original founders of Boyut Mechanical Industry Yucel and Ovutmen first met at university and became close friends. Yucel a Mechanical Engineer and Ovutmen a Naval Architect, parted ways after graduating from university and worked for some local companies in Turkey. Only a short time passed however before the two realized an opportunity to start their own business and specialize in manufacturing stainless steel machine parts. Hence, Boyut Mechanical Industry was formed in 1978. After years of fine tuning their skills, business practices and manufacturing capacity, Yucel and Ovutmen were approached in 2000 by a local Turkish sailing identity, Atila Rezak, and were asked to manufacture a stainless steel rope storage device. For years yacht owners had just accepted that a long length of coiled rope in the lazarette or locker was their only option however the development of the ULTRALINE Reel was soon towing instant success. Rezak, also an architect and experienced sailor, worked closely with the ULTRA team during all stages of product development . Unfortunately, he passed away in 2011 and Yucel and Ovutmen are so sorry that he is unable to see the growing success of ULTRA products. Like any new product development ULTRA had their fair share of challenges however the engineering and boating experience of the market and gained almost immediate acceptance by the boating fraternity. In company principals were of great benefit throughout the design and manufacturing stages. After the Ultraline Reel design was perfected, and received Atila Rezak’s tick of approval, the product was officially released to particular, yachties who cruised the Mediterranean and set both bow and stern anchors loved the convenience of the flat rope and its very compact nature. The design process began in late 2003 and after extensive testing, research and manufacturing advances the patented ULTRA Anchor was released to the Turkish market in 2005. With the first few anchors given to well-known local boaties for their testing and review, the response from the Turkish boating community was overwhelming and the ULTRA team knew after ULTRALINE they had again designed something very special. With a team of engineers and a warehouse facility well over fifteen times their original facility (but still in the same complex) ULTRA Marine moved into full scale production, fabricating anchors from 316L stainless steel and all completely by hand. As the ULTRA Anchor’s popularity grew, German based magazine company, Segeln soon learned of the ULTRA Anchor and included it in their 2006 anchor test alongside many other popular anchor types. Not only did the anchor set instantly but its holding power was superb and Segeln labeled ULTRA as a five star performer and dubbed the anchor as “a very good all-rounder, worthy of winning any designer prize”. Since that time the ULTRA Anchor has continued to impress with the manufacturers, whose website are filled with testimonials from satisfied users. Unquestionably the best looking anchor on the market, the ULTRA has achieved what many other manufacturers have not an aesthetically pleasing anchor with outstanding performance. Randy Boelsems (the founder of QuicklineUSA the company distributing all ULTRA product line in the Western Hemisphere since 2006) has retired after 10 years as of 1th of July 2016 and Ultra Marine purchased QuicklineUSA and changed its name to Ultra Marine West to continue the greatest success of Randy Boelsems in selling ULTRA products in this territory.

Today, while Yucel and Ovutmen continue to work as company managers, Yucel’s elder son, Erkutay Yucel, manages the international and domestic sales organization of their products, especially in the USA, and his younger brother Erkay Yucel is the head of the entire production organization. In 2022, Ovutmen’s daughter, Isil Ovutmen Lamberti, joined the company to help with the domestic sales organization, and her husband, Pietro Lamberti, joined the company to support the general product development processes.

Yilmaz Yucel & Nejat Ovutmen 1979