ULTRA Bow Roller

The ULTRA Bow Roller decreases noise and scratches, while limiting extra anchor movements

The ULTRA Bow Rollers are designed and made in Türkiye to face the challenging marine environment, and perform as intended for years to come.

  • Bow Rollers are made of “delrin” and do not deform in time.
  • Decrease noise, stroke and scratches.
  • Limits extra anchor movements by reversed-U.
  • With a bow roller there is no further need for chain canal.
  • Bow roller CHUTE material is 316L polished stainless steel, and bow roller CAR material is 318LN duplex polished stainless steel.

The ULTRA Bow Rollers are designed and manufactured in Türkiye to face the challenging marine environment, and perform as intended for years to come.

The best results are taken especially by ULTRA Anchor. Each ULTRA Anchor has a different size ULTRA Bow Roller. This way the best harmony is achieved. However, if it is needed, ULTRA Anchors may be used with one size smaller or bigger ULTRA Bow Rollers.

The connection holes are left to the user to decide considering the bow rollers location on the boat. However, if the user gives the locations of those holes with the order, they can be manufactured with those holes. The body material is 316L hand polished stainless steel.

Rollers are made of delrin and do not deform in time, making them work well and making upkeep unnecessary.

The chain hole seen on many old bow rollers is not present on ULTRA Bow Rollers. Using the ULTRA Anchor with the ULTRA Flip Swivel and a quality windlasses with gypsy teeth removes the need of such holes. This way, the negative effect of the chain hole has on the alignment of the anchor in the bow roller is prevented. When the ULTRA Anchor is recovered, the delrin roller fits tight into recovered anchor’s body, preventing strain and metal on metal scrapes.

The retaining hoop, which is an inverted – U shape, limits extraneous movement of the anchor, keeps the chain on the roller at all times, and prevents harm to the boat. It also minimizes potential anchor movement while cruising. For best performance, the retaining hoop should fit snug to the anchor.