ULTRA Chain Grab

  • (According to testimonies given by users).
  • Protects windlass from constant chain pull.
  • Eliminates anchor chain noise so crew won't be disturbed.
  • Easily attaches to a loaded anchor chain.
  • Automatically disengages from chain upon retrieval.
  • Constructed of 316L stainless steel – highly rust resistant.
  • Enhances safety – reduces time on deck.


Manufactured in Turkey, the ULTRA Chain Grab is a unique design that allows it to be easily attached or removed from a taut chain rode.
Eliminate the stress of a loaded anchor chain on your windlass, and the creaking sound of an anchor chain on your bow roller. ULTRA Chain Grab eliminates these concerns by transferring chain pressure from the windlass to the mooring cleat. Using ULTRA Chain grab also gives you the opportunity to fix problems on the windlass while your boat is on anchor.
The ULTRA Chain Grab is made of 316L stainless steel. Its spherical head hooks onto the anchor chain, and stays attached as the anchor chain is lowered into the sea. There is no need to lean over the pulpit to attach the chain grab as with some of our competitors.
By its special projected form, it can be easily attached or removed from the loaded and stretched chain.
The ULTRA Chain Grab is sized based on the thickness of your anchor chain.



Usage :

Using ULTRA Cain Grab is really a simple task.

If your boat is on anchor and you tend to stay a bit longer, it would be a great idea to stop your chain.

To be able to do this:

  • The crack part on spherical headed hook is brought to a link of the chain. While you are doing this holding the rope on the spherical head to one side would help you. That means while you are attaching your chain grab if you do not overlap the rope exactly to the chain, it would be attached easily.
  • By holding the rope gently in your hand, lean out the chain and the spherical head to the sea for a little.
  • Tie the back part of the rope to the mooring cleat or before doing that it would be a better idea to make an eye to this tip and using this eye for tying to mooring cleat.
  • After the spherical head and chain take the load, please lean out the chain as much as the rope would not be stretched.
  • For places where the rope might rob itself strongly, you would use dustcloth to wrap up the rope.

Difference from others :

ULTRA Chain Grab is completely a unique design bringing you below advantages;
  • It is easily attached and unattached from the loaded and stretched chain.
  • It does not come off by itself due to adjusted size of its spherical head hook.
  • It is totally rounded and unprojecting that ULTRA Chain Grab passes from head pulley easily with chain without causing any damages.
  • It is strong. It does not deform easily because of its spherical form and it is made of AISI 316 stainless steel.


After several years of stopping by the Ultra booth at the Ft Lauderdale Boatshow, in 2012 we decided to purchase an Ultra for our Bristol 45.5.

Marvin, George & Nancy

For the next 2 hours there were TWO boat anchored in big and nasty swinging winds, on just ONE Ultra Anchor...

Nick Creed

"It simplicity, in flipping the anchor over into the correct stowage position prior to being is pulled over the bow roller works every time.Again thanks for a great product"..

Rondy Dike

The coast guard cutter anchored near us was dragging in the mud bottom. The Ultra anchor on all chain held my Hylas 56 like it was on a mooring!...

Alan Sarokhan

"I didn't think that the results would be so satisfying"..

Dr. Noyan ERALP / YELKEN DÜNYASI dergisi Mayıs 2003

"Although the line on the reel drum is 60 m. long, it does not take up unnecessary space as it flat"..

Osman ATASOY Anlatıyor... UZAKLAR II:

My test was in Morehead City, NC this fall in 35 kt winds with a sandy bottom and set the anchor alarm...

Michael Dyer

I've been using your products for more than 6 years with my yacht, particularly your Ultra anchor, and i can say that they are very very good,and that Ultra anchor is the best anchor i've ever had!..

Vincenzo Fonti

Everyone was awake, lots of hollering, crews trying to keep boats from colliding. That Ultra Anchor you installed never budged!...

Greg Allen

After good winds at anchoring, our ultra is under the sand and we see only the chain...

Véroniquie et Patrice