DIN766 316L Stainless Steel Chain

  • (According to testimonies given by users)
  • Does not cause problem on windlass toothed.
  • Does not have promontories like galvanization burs.
  • It is fluent. When throwing anchor it slips.
  • Does not cause extra fall in a faint while reeling in. Spreads easily to the sides. That makes windlass work properly.
  • The above properties give opportunity to use windlass with remote control.
  • Breaking load is more than the galvanized chains.


You will need to find a solution to aid better chain collapse allowing the windlassto work more efficently. The permanent solution for this problem is to use stainless steel chain. When choosing stainless steel chain, quality is the most important factor. AISI 316L is the preferred choice over 316, if you don't choose "316L" over time you will start to experience problems with the chain welds rusting. We supply German Ketten Walder's, Cromox Grade 60 316L chains.


— Stainless steel is not completely stainless in sea water. Protection comes from applying a passive oxide layer, especially at some places such as the bottom of the chain locker, where sea water can cause more corrosion.  
— Though, the best way to protect stainless steel equipment is to wash it with fresh water after each use.
— If you cannot do that, and see dirty spots on your chain, you can easily clean it as described below;
1) Put your whole chain into a plastic bucket.
2) Prepare oxalic acid + water solution in another plastic container and add as much as you need so it will cover the whole chain in the bucket.
3) To create the solution:
    You need to add approximately 25 gr oxalic acid per each liter of water and mix it until the acid melts. (Normal soup spoon takes 35 gr oxalic acid.)
4) Add this solution into the chain bucket so it will cover the whole chain.
5) Depending on weather and corrosion the amount of cleaning time changes. It may take up to an hour.
6) Check the chain and solution each 15 minutes. Pay close attention to not keep the chain in the solution for more than an hour or after 80% of the corrosion has been removed, since this might take away its shine. 
7) Clean the whole chain taken out of the solution by using fresh water (pressurized water is preferred).
The chain should now be clean.
— You can use this solution to clean other stainless steel equipment, as well. To do that, you can apply the solution on to the rusted spots of your equipment and wait for around 10minutes, and then rub off by clean dust cloth. You can repeat this process if needed.
— Oxalic acid is a weak acid. However, you should wash off immediately once it’s made contact with skin. Its appearance is alike with sugar and salt. You should pay attention not to ingest it by mistake.
Note: You can purchase oxalic acid from pharmaceutical warehouses. 


The sea trial was a success. But you will now feel very proud of your anchor...

Dan Libera

After several years of stopping by the Ultra booth at the Ft Lauderdale Boatshow, in 2012 we decided to purchase an Ultra for our Bristol 45.5.

Marvin, George & Nancy

For the next 2 hours there were TWO boat anchored in big and nasty swinging winds, on just ONE Ultra Anchor...

Nick Creed

"It simplicity, in flipping the anchor over into the correct stowage position prior to being is pulled over the bow roller works every time.Again thanks for a great product"..

Rondy Dike

The coast guard cutter anchored near us was dragging in the mud bottom. The Ultra anchor on all chain held my Hylas 56 like it was on a mooring!...

Alan Sarokhan

"I didn't think that the results would be so satisfying"..

Dr. Noyan ERALP / YELKEN DÜNYASI dergisi Mayıs 2003

"Although the line on the reel drum is 60 m. long, it does not take up unnecessary space as it flat"..

Osman ATASOY Anlatıyor... UZAKLAR II:

My test was in Morehead City, NC this fall in 35 kt winds with a sandy bottom and set the anchor alarm...

Michael Dyer

I've been using your products for more than 6 years with my yacht, particularly your Ultra anchor, and i can say that they are very very good,and that Ultra anchor is the best anchor i've ever had!..

Vincenzo Fonti

Everyone was awake, lots of hollering, crews trying to keep boats from colliding. That Ultra Anchor you installed never budged!...

Greg Allen