Véroniquie et Patrice

Od: Véronique et Patrice <[email protected]>
Datum: 26. ledna 2016 18:19:14 SEČ
Komu: LANGSADL JAN <[email protected]>
Předmět: Re: ULTRA MARINE ANCHOR 45 kg
Dear jan,
Since June 2014, we use every day our ultra anchor on our Catana 472, at first in Mediterranean, and after in Canara Islands where the Anchor has hold us at anchoring with wind, tide and swell... we were alone at anchoring during 5 days and we had totaly confidence in the ultra anchor.
Ater this, we are in Caribbean since more than one year and always anchoring. We have seen many boots dragging in our anchorages but our anchor hold always very good.
After good winds at anchoring, our ultra is under the sand and we see only the chain....
We are very happy for choosing this anchor and the 45kg are very good for this boat.
Thank you for your answer.