Osman ATASOY Anlatıyor... UZAKLAR II:

"Osman ATASOY Tells:" 

I mounted 3 Quickline, two in the push pit and one in the pull pit of my yacht called "Uzaklar II". I spent the winter of 2002 in the Gokova and Hisaronu bays. Sea bound people know, there is just not enough room in these bays and inlets to moor comfortably, so we anchor from the pull pit and tie the push pit to a sturdy station on land for support.

We used to use a thick rope in the past. It was a real problem making it to land it back. Mounting a reel on the push pit the deck was not always a solution as it would take up too much space and knot up while rewinding.

I have finally found a solution to all my mooring problems. Quickline is shaped like a belt can be let out and rewound onto the reel drum by the use of winding arm with ease. Although the line on the reel drum is 60 m. long, it does not take up unnecessary space as it flat. At first, I was worried if this thin line could carry my boat, however, this 3.5 cm-wide polyester line, shaped like a belt, carried my 20-ton yacht, Uzaklar II, even in the stormiest weather.

It is well known that there is an abundantly of mice in Gokova. If you don't care, they walk along the mooring rope or breast line and climb on board your boat. However, as Quickline is shaped like a belt, mice can not walk along this line, therefore, you are safe from mice of all sizes.

As this line turns continuously when pulled, it can even be seen easily in the dark. It prevents boats coming back to the yacht from getting snarled in the line.