Dr. Noyan ERALP / YELKEN DÜNYASI dergisi Mayıs 2003

Translated from the article "EGE'NİN BATISI ve İYON DENİZİ" (West of Agean Sea and The Sea of Ionia)
in the magazine "YELKEN DÜNYASI" (Sailing World-Turkey)
May '03
"I saw an ad while looking through a magazine in a small inlet in Gokova. The reel in the picture looked quite sensible. I decided to call the number shown. The product called "Quickline" was made of 316 L quality stainless steel. I instantly ordered one. Actually, even while I was mounting on my yacht, I didn't think that the results would be so satisfying.
After trying it for one month, I ordered another one for the other side. Mooring from long distances and rewinding the line takes only few seconds and unbelievably easy to do and 60 m line does not take up unnecessary space as it is flat (because it is not thick).
When added on to the anchor line as an extension, it never knots up and does not cause any undue problems. This is one product that is so useful for the Money spent that it is well-worth your money.
I recommend it to all yacht owners.
Dr. Noyan ERALP